Store History

family mattersLake City Books is the product of family, dreams, and good fortune.

Steve McDonald, the owner, first became immersed in books as a child.  Through high school and college, Steve worked at his mother’s bookstore in Plattsburgh. A few years after he graduated, his mother retired and sold her bookstore.

“I always felt bad that I wasn’t in a position in life where I could have stepped in and kept the store in the family,” Steve said.

After many years of working in corporate America, life circumstances presented Steve with the opportunity to pursue his dream of owning a bookstore. As the dream began to take shape, Steve grabbed hold with both hands and worked to make it a reality.

In early 2013, Steve found a bookstore for sale in Connecticut.  With the idea of moving the store to Plattsburgh, he made an initial visit.  Several trips and negotiating sessions later, Steve received “an offer to good to refuse”.

“My wife, my daughter and I drove to Connecticut, where we rented the largest U-Haul truck available.” Steve said.  “Together with the store owner and some of her friends, we loaded close to 25,000 books and 60 bookcases onto the truck.  It was absolutely jam packed – you could not have fit a feather on it.”

The McDonald clan transported the books and fixtures back to Plattsburgh. The inventory was unloaded into storage units until the physical store could be established in Plattsburgh. The search for the perfect location to open the bookstore commenced.

“In mid-October my current space became available,” Steve said.  “It is a terrific spot for a bookstore!  My neighbors are fantastic and Lake City Books is part of a vibrant community of small businesses collectively known as Boynton Square.”

The lease was signed and renovations began

Steve’s daughter Maeghan, Lake City Book’s “Associate Director of Everything Cool” took charge of the redecorating effort.  The result:  “Almost every customer who comes into Lake City Books remarks on how beautiful and welcoming the store is,” said Steve.  After shopping, these same customers then remark on “how well stocked and organized the store is.”

Lake City Books opened for business on November 23, 2013.  “On Day 1, the response was fantastic,” said Steve.  “And it continues to be fantastic to this day!”

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