Sell / Trade

Lake City Books is a bookstore devoted to gently read books and pre-viewed movies. We buy and trade for books and movies from our customers to help keep our shelves well stocked. For large quantities of books and movies (more than one box) please call for an appointment. For larger collections please call to schedule a time for a representative of Lake City Books to travel to your location.

Please see below for our guidelines.

What is an acceptable book?

We look for like-new, gently read, contemporary books (i.e. published in the 21st century).

What qualifies as gently read?

  • has the dust jackets

  • intact spine

  • no annotations

  • free of dog-ears and bent pages

  • no stains

What is an acceptable movie?

  • DVDs and Blue-Ray Disks only

  • we look for movies that have a rating of G, PG, PG-13, and R

  • in original case

  • no scratches or imperfections on the disk

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